High Femme Definition – HER

High Femme Definition – HER

A ”

high femme

” is actually a
femme lesbian
on steroids. If a


is actually someone who likes to wear outfits and lipstick, a “high femme” is actually someone who

physical lives

in outfits and lip stick. A higher femme is stimilar to a
lipstick lesbian
or a skincare lesbian—taking care of on their own is their full-time job. They reside for fancy skincare routines, brand-new beauty products secretes, and anything that consists of an excellent indulgence.

If you’re increased femme or the kind is actually a total high femme, log in to over to the HER software ASAP! There are fab matchmaking options galore.

A “high femme” is an uber-feminine lesbian who life to indulge on their own. They love make-up, never miss a mani/pedi, and also a 28-step cosmetic program.

If you should be a high femme or the kind is actually an overall large femme, access over to HER now! We are the whole world’s a lot of loved LGBTQ+ online dating & society app where you could meet different sapphics—but additionally, it is WAY much safer than a random on the web
lesbian cam room
… and absolutely full of fab options to fulfill someone special.

Precisely what do large femmes look like?

Large femmes generally have a feminine-leaning design or power. They may put on a flannel, nevertheless they’re going to link it into a crop very top. These are the other of ”


” lesbians, exactly who will be more mascuine-leaning inside their vibes. Tall femmes own Doc Martens even so they’re clean af. They’ll camp with you, nonetheless they’ll end up being staying in an Airbnb as you use the tent. Tall Femmes will make you fall in love with them while exposing one to chemical exfoliation the very first time.

Get HER software

some descriptions
, large femmes are far more passive in bed, but we believe that’s an obsolete viewpoint. Today, it really is common for high femmes as surfaces or



As they generally pair well with a great

chapstick lesbian

or butch or


that’s not to say two-high femmes would not date — it can just take all of them permanently to organize.

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